The Cuber

2011, 5:46

Director, editor, producer, writer

The world of competitive Rubik's Cube solving is as quirky as it is intense. Eric Limeback is an 18 year old speedcuber from Toronto. He's ranked second in Canada for solving the 3x3 Rubik's Cube, and first for solving the 3x3 cube blindfolded.

Featured Documentary, 2014 National Screen Institute Online Film Festival

Special Invitation, 2018 Christie Pits Outdoor Film Festival

Time For Prints Concept Trailer

2009, 2:58

Director, editor, producer, writer

The world of high fashion modelling has always relied on “time for prints” work – unpaid shoots between unknown models and up-and-coming photographers looking to build their portfolios. These days, cheap digital cameras and access to sites like Model Mayhem have made “TFP” its own eternally amateur genre, where anyone with a camera can organize photo shoots, mainly with young, inexperienced female models, many of whom are willing to pose nude in the name of artistic expression or the dream of discovery. Is it democratization, or exploitation?

Guy on Girl Trailer


Writer, director, editor, producer

A grad student putting herself through school as an escort and a young liberal arts professor struggle to navigate their relationship when their socially progressive values and stark emotional reality collide.


Award of Merit, 2015 IndieFest L.A.

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