I'm currently working on a documentary podcast series in development that explores the changing nature of creative work in the age of the Internet.

The show follows me on a personal journey through fine art, big business, art schools, advertising, music, economics, and cultural theory as I try to make sense of the greatest period of creative destruction since the Industrial Revolution.

Want to get involved?

Have a story to share?

We're actively looking for stories and collaborators to speak to for the show. Maybe you're an established artist, an up-and-comer, academic, fan, content creator, rep, writer, entrepreneur, patron, or something we've never heard of. If you have a story, personal experience or opinion on the past, present or future of creative work, we want to hear from you. 

Commercial Artists

Do you work at an agency, are you a freelancer, or are you involved in the creation of advertising, commercial content, or other forms of "for-profit" creative output?

Artists & Performers

Are you now or were you previously involved in the traditional arts, such as painting, sculpture, dance, photography, writing, music, or theatre, whether as a self-taught or trained artist?

Cultural & Support Workers

Have you worked for a gallery, museum, arts organization, funding body, government agency, or offered a support service to artists like therapy, management, training, or accounting?

Online Creators

Are you part of the new creative digital economy, whether as an entrepreneur, artist, content creator, video maker, creative influencer, blogger, performer, or digital product designer?

Get in touch

Email me directly at

I try to reply to everyone who contacts me, and your story or personal details will never be shared or published without your express permission.


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