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I help creative people figure out what to do and how to do it

I work with artists and creative people of all kinds to navigate change, identify opportunities, plan projects, overcome obstacles, and build more sustainable careers, now and for the future.

“Collaborating with Chris has refined my storytelling abilities and inspired me to produce the highest quality work possible."
- Adam Bialo, Kontakt Films

Real-world creative career support

Get insight, guidance, and support designed to create good career outcomes, not just good feelings

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Earn a better living

Stabilize your income, find new opportunities, or overcome financial restraints in your work.

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Reach your audience

Face competition, market yourself more effectively, or gain recognition in your industry.

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Do your best work

Navigate artistic compromise, deal with blocks, and do work that matters to people.

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Develop the skills, knowledge and attitudes you need to meet the future with confidence

Creative careers are changing, and creative people are facing a unique set of economic, cultural, and technological challenges that can make even accomplished careers feel stuck. Understanding the barriers you face and having the tools to overcome them is the key to building a sustainable creative career that meets your financial, artistic, and personal needs. 

Get you the help you need to:

  • Start your career, or start over

  • Build a creative business

  • Thrive as a multi-hyphenate

  • Navigate a career transition

  • Deal with future industry changes now

What people are saying

Trevor campbell arts multi-hyphenate headshot

“I worked with Chris during one of the most difficult moments of my career. He created space for me to clarify my goals, focus my offering, and reassess the way I approached my work as an arts multi-hyphenate. A lot of people make noise — Chris cuts through it.”

Trevor campbell arts multi-hyphenate headshot

Trevor Campbell

Arts multi-hyphenate

Devon Allistone animator editor designer headshot

“Chris has this uncanny ability to see through the clutter and pinpoint exactly what your true needs are and how to achieve them. His insights and guidance have been invaluable in helping me to grow my freelance creative business.”

Devon Allistone animator editor designer headshot

Devon Allistone

Freelance creative director

Ali Finnie headshot

“Before working with Chris, I had immense stress about feeling like my offer was simply not good enough. It was so unconventional. Chris lead me through this chaos and into order very compassionately, and derived a strategic work plan that was suited to me in the most effective and satisfying way.”

Ali Finnie headshot

Ali Finnie


Zachary Resnick food writer headshot

“Chris helped set me straight when I felt my career path was starting to drift. He helped me realize how my past body of work could not only move me forward in one direction, it could help me branch out into other disciplines and mediums . I was stuck in my own head, and Chris helped me get back on track.”

Zachary Resnick food writer headshot

Zachary Resnick



I had a thriving artistic career for over a decade, and then suddenly I didn't

Now I share what 8 months at an Ivy League business school and 7 years as a creative director and marketing strategist taught me about why creative careers fail, and what you can do about it.

My evidence-based approach to business and career development gives creative people the real-world skills, knowledge and support they need to identify opportunities, overcome obstacles, and build more sustainable careers in today's changing global economy. 

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