Marketing & Brand Strategy

At its heart modern marketing is still a sincere need to connect useful goods and services with people who would benefit from them, in a way that’s appropriate, generous, and effective. My approach to marketing and brand creates powerful, flexible strategies that do just that.

Copy & Professional Writing

We might be living in a visual world, but words still form its foundation and structure. I'm an experienced copy, script, and professional writer whose work has spanned national TV spots, essays & articles, short films, fundraising campaigns, and a variety of content projects.

Concepting & Ideation

Everyone has ideas, but being able to evaluate, develop, and communicate them effectively is what separates successful creative professionals from the rest of the population. I excel at generating and developing powerful ideas, alone or with groups or teams.

Pitch Development

Helping you develop smart, original ideas, and knocking them out of the park in front of people is not just a specialty, it’s a passion. From finding funding, to winning a new client, to selling a courageous new idea, if your organization or agency has new business to pitch, let’s talk.

Custom Seminars & Workshops

I’m a speaker and educator with experience developing custom workshops, seminars, and team-building events for businesses, schools, and groups on a variety of topics related to communication, creativity, and marketing. If you think your organization would benefit, get in touch.

Audits, Insight, and Research

Unique to creative strategists, I’m not just an artful communicator but also an expert at the nuts-and-bolts of analyzing user experiences, interpreting data, and generating insight, whether through qualitative programs I develop or working with a quantitative research agency.

Creative Direction

The role of the traditional creative director is changing. Part team leader, part creative jack-of-all-trades, part translator between the artists, client, and business team, I’m a natural fit for any organization or agency who doesn’t employ a full-time CD, or just needs one on a project-basis.

Media Planning

Most marketing plans these days start and end with a half-baked social media plan. Buying time in front of audiences is by far the most expensive aspect of marketing for most businesses, and often completely ineffective. My media-agnostic approach is simple: Follow your customers, not trends.