Big Country

National TV :30s
Client: Discount Car & Truck Rentals
Agency: Purpose

A series of interconnected commercials that explore Canadian notions of national identity, connectedness, and open-road adventure.

The Ultimate Poké-Weekend Adventure

Client: Discount Car & Truck Rentals
Agency: Purpose

A national Facebook contest and reality-style content video that brings a group of four adult friends to Toronto for the weekend to play Pokémon GO, complete with Poké-swag, graphics-wrapped Poké-mobile, and hilariously inept Poké-master (comedian Lars Classington) to guide them on their quest for the rarest of Pokémons.

Honda People

Client: Honda Motorcycles
Agency: Wingfield Digital

We dived into the motorcycling community to tell the personal stories of real Honda enthusiasts in this series of charming vignettes, proving that hitting the road on two wheels isn't all about speed, it's about the people you meet. 

What If Advertising Stopped Working?

Client: Flyweight Films

This short film wonders what the world would be like if traditional advertising messages stopped working. Here's a hint -- it would look a lot like the world we're living in right now.

Pikto: A Photography Story

Digital/Brand Film
Client: Pikto
Agency: Zebra

Interviews with the company’s staff and owners, cinematic footage of Toronto’s historic Distillery District, and original music combine to create a moving portrait of a community of commercial and creative artists who all share a passion for the still image.

This Week on Movies, with Richard Crouse

Digital/Web Series (10 episodes)
Client: Films We Like, iTunes

From executive producer Ron Mann and Films We Like comes This Week on Movies with Richard Crouse, a weekly web series that takes an irreverent look at what's hot (and what's not) on iTunes. Clips, reviews, animation, and a weekly segment featuring picks from a colourful cast of Brooklyn "celebrities" help film buffs separate the cinematically rad from the just plain bad. 

The Cuber

The Cuber. Documentary Short (5:44). Directed by Chris Frampton. Canada: Flyweight Films, 2011.

Eric Limeback is an 18 year old speedcuber from Toronto. He's ranked second in Canada for solving the 3x3 Rubik's Cube, and first for solving the 3x3 cube blindfolded.

Guy on Girl (Trailer)

Guy on Girl. Drama (16:48). Directed by Chris Frampton. Canada: Flyweight Films, 2015.

A grad student putting herself through school as an escort struggles to navigate a relationship with a man who was once a client in this complex psychological narrative.

My Dark Elf Army

My Dark Elf Army is the Greatest Power for Evil in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Comedy (4:21). Directed by Chris Frampton. Canada: Flyweight Films, 2009.

A short film about a lonely security guard and his lovingly painted army of lead fantasy miniatures. A niche viral hit, featured on